A Past Soon Forgotten

The Road to Purskul

It was evening by the time the group was smuggled out of the city. With little daylight left, the group took to the march quickly, attempting to make as much distance as possible between Amn and themselves.

An hour or so into the march, Arily spotted a large outcropping of rocks some 100 feet from the road. It was deserted, but the smoldering ashes of a campfire suggested that whoever occupied this place last had left not long ago.

The group hunkered down and Caim began to set up camp. Emerick re lit the campfire and began to cook stew. Arily and Vlad stood watch. Derek and Gali sat in meditation, praying for a safe journey.

Hours later, Arily nudged Caim to wake. “Your watch,” she said.

Caim nodded solemnly and got up. He picked up his spear and walked to the edge of the camp. He stood still as a statue, his only movements were those from his eyes as he surveyed his surroundings. Every few minutes, he would move to another part of the perimeter, stop, and repeat.

An hour later, Caim caught sight of movement coming from the road. The shape was clearly humanoid, but very bulky. It was crouching, moving slowly, an arm out in front of itself. As the thing got closer, Caim leveled his spear at the intruder. “Halt,” Caim said in an unwavering voice.

It slowed, stood up, but did not stop. Wary of what this thing was doing, Caim sidestepped and brought his spear across the back of the thing’s legs. It yelped and crumpled to the ground with a muffled thwump. Caim brought his spear to hold inches away from the intruder’s neck. “I said halt.”

“C-Caim? Is that you?” the intruder said.

Caim realized in an instant. “Elkas,” Caim replied, pulling away his spear and offering the downed man his hand. “Please accept my apology for nearly killing you.”



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