A Past Soon Forgotten

Overstayed Welcome

“Are you all bloody fools?!” Raksha yelled at them, an incredulous look on his face. “I risked much and more breaking you out of that dungeon and you repay me with painting a target on my back from a nest of bandits! I already have the Coliseum guards and the City Watch dogging my heels.” He stopped his rant abruptly and began to pace around the room, looking at each individual of the group one by one. “I will have someone escort you out of the city immediately. You will brook no argument on this, lest you want me to return you to to previous predicament that I found you in.”

The group stayed silent. Derek looked at his feet and Caim was as red-faced as Emerick.

“Good,” Raksha said. “Remember, you have one month to retrieve my materials. Your equipment has already been packed. Farewell.”



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