Calar (Ka-Lar) is a human from the dreaded peninsula of Chult. He has dark sun tanned skin, a fierce face, and ever fiercer eyes and medium length hair which covers most of his forehead. He has a somewhat ornate kukri at his side, and a very well made falchion on his back. Wearing nothing more than travelers clothes. He seems reckless and confident in combat and has gotten into trouble before, locals call him Calar Steadypalm, a name he chooses to not acknowledge.


At a young age he was forced into slavery and grew up as such. Learning quickly to please his masters he was made a house slave. He reveled in this feat for quite sometime until slipping up and ruining a dinner party thrown by his master.

He was then sent to Chult to clear paths to untold riches, and got himself bitten by a poisonous creature. The animal swiftly left before Calar could even make out what it was. The slavers left him to die, he laid in the blistering sun for half a day before being found by a wandering tribe. The tribe took him in and watched over him for what seemed like months, Calar being an inch from death the whole time. AFter finally recovering the tribe told him he could stay, but he would have to prove his worth. They taught him to fight and fighting was all he seemed to do. With other human tribes, as well as goblin and dwarf tribes. Never to take anything, just to defend the tribe.

The tribe seemed to be the best fighters in Chult. They never lost. Calar decided they should expand and take what they want. This was not the tribes way and they discouraged that thinking. However Calar had other plans, he would take what he wanted in the couple of coming battles and even go out at night and steal from other tribes.

The chief found out and Calar was banished. So he left seeking his own way. After a while it seemed that he missed everyone and the sense of a “home.” He went back to beg forgiveness. He returned to a huge battle, they had been attacked by a Yaun-ti tribe and they were losing.

Calar quickly joined the battle slewing Yaun-ti after Yuan-ti, showing how well the tribe had taught him. Then he saw the Yuan-ti leader closing in on the chief, its falchion preparing to strike. Calar jumped up taking the falchion and striking the Yaun-ti down. Calar had arrived just in time to turn the tides and saved the tribe.

However he still could not stay. The tribe fashioned him a kukri and placed the Yuan-ti leaders fang in the hilt. This was to remember his kill, he also got to keep the falchion. The falchion was very well made and a fitting weapon for Calar. Troubled, he still left.

He then went to Mezro and got into his own trouble stealing and thugging as he wanted. He was caught but escaped and had to leave chult. He recently arrived in Amn…


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