A Past Soon Forgotten

Saving Saviors

Caim was against the wagon, stabbing mercilessly at any foe within spear’s reach, but for every blow he dealt, three came swinging back at him. Gali and Elkas were backed up against a large boulder, parrying blow after blow. Arrows from orcs afield filled the air like a swarm of bees, and the orcs in close did not let up, their twisted, savage metal searching for openings.

Derek slew three orcs before they broke their haphazard shield wall. Two arrows buried in his flesh, one between his armor plates just below the shoulder, the other in his shield arm. A mace nearly caved in his knee. The warhammer dented his breastplate and sent him reeling down to the ground. He was sure the next blow would be the end for him.

He saw the orc coming, but he couldn’t lift his arms. And that’s when he heard it. He could hear Helm coming to get him, to bring Derek to his hallowed halls, a divine stallion his transport. The orc looked him in his eyes and grinned wickedly. Calmly, Derek lay there, awaiting his transcendence. He could hear the hoofbeats getting closer, he could feel the vibration they sent through him. This was the moment he had been waiting for, finally to be sloughed from his mortal body and risen up, a divine servant to his God. The orc raised its sword high, a look of mirth and madness playing across its face.

But the stroke never came. The hoofbeats grew to such a cacophony that even the orc looked up… and lost its head. The rider came crashing through, a blade so sharp it decapitated the orc in a single swipe. And then more riders came, half a dozen of them. The orcs broke and ran for their brethren at the gates of the fort.

The rider dismounted and reached down to Derek. " Ike, at your service," he said. “Can you still fight?”

Derek pushed himself to a sitting position and asked for some space. “Go on with my companions and I will be with you in a moment.”

“Very well,” Ike replied, mounting himself once more. “Men, with me! Let’s rout these scum once and for all!” The riders shouted and charged off.

Derek placed his hands on his knee and they started to glow. He grimaced and cried out as the magic reconstructed his knee. He did it again and again for his other wounds. Panting, he struggled to his feet and limped after his strange saviors.



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