A Past Soon Forgotten

Maybe this was a Mistake...

Derek’s group quickly snaked their way through the debris, hiding behind both boulders and bodies alike. As they approached the enemy’s left flank, something caught Gali’s leg, making him nearly lose his balance. He looked back to see what had caused his misstep. An orc, riddled with arrows, was stubbornly clinging to life. It gurgled up black bile, reaching for him. Whether the beast’s eyes were slitted in hate, pain, or fear, the dwarf did not care. He bent down, parting his lips in a would- be prayer, and slit the orc’s throat. Evil would have plenty of time to suffer in the afterlife.

Vlad’s group was already in position. They waited for Derek’s signal; a flash of light from a thunderstone. Arily crept around cooly, looking for the perfect spot to loose her first arrow. Emerick and Vlad sat stock still, bows drawn and arrows notched.

“I think this as good a place as any,” Derek said, sliding behind a large destroyed wagon. “this is decent cover.” They were a good thirty feet from the nearest group of orcs.

“Here, take a couple of these,” Elkas said, pulling several javelins from the sling on his back. Caim grabbed a couple and nodded a thank you.

“Gali and I have our throwing axes, but thank you,” Derek replied. “Gali, the stone.”

Gali placed his hand in his sack, frowned, and produced nothing. The thunderstone must have fallen out of his pack when the orc grabbed him. He shook his head. Caim and Elkas stared at him, bewildered.

“Change of plans,” Derek said, reaching for his throwing axe. “On my mark.”

“What’s going on?” Emerick asked. “The orcs are moving. Have they been found out?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Arily replied. “Fire!”

Projectiles flew from both groups at the small hoard of orcs. Two or three staggered and fell. Twenty more took their place. They howled and charged at both of the groups.



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